Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Monsoon Fiesta 2009,is here!

This is for the T-shirt design competition for MONSOON FIESTA this year.The inspiration behind the entire thing is 'of-course' MONSOON...but jokes it is.It brings out the energy within each one participating in this fest, be it the poster war, the sport matches,the music or dance.It also represents the fluidity and the movement around campus(which doesnt really exist for outsiders,because its not a very public affair. However,its still somehow there!)Also,the "AIR"-there is something very different about it.Its lively and its aggresive-hence these colours.Its also very wild.People go crazy with there imagination on poster war(something really random that when you look at it you go go "aah!") or go beserk shooting goals(those accidents during basketball matches or soccer-some awesome kick,some wild slamdunk*i havent seen this one though*).Some even demonstrate their craziness on I said, its wild and "its in the air":Its an innate characteristic inside (almost) every Nid-ian.
The abstract form, which many people have found awkward and difficult to relate to, is again a form that doesnt belong to this world.Even I cant categorize it in a general category.Nonetheless, I would describe it as something which is really fast, it flies,much like a dinosaur that flies(hehehe).
It difficult to illustrate and say "This is what MF is about."So I felt this form really brought forth the 'spirit' of monsoon fiesta.Hmmm..I guess this is the power of Visual Communication(VC)...that it can generate emotions very spontaneously.Nevertheless, the tools used to produce this is and the medium used for expressing it, is the power of Industrial Design(ID)...hence, we co-exist.But wait,I must add this religiously---"YO ID!!!":D
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