Sunday, May 3, 2009

A weekened outing

Recently, my mother and I decided to visit our neighbour's house in Kapurthala, a small town in Punjab.We used to live there when I wasn't even we are talking about reviving some 20-21 year old memories for my mother.
The journey started in the evening...wah!I was missing the countryside!The fields, and birds and the open sky...I was born watching them...very refreshing from the Chandigarh city.The harvest season just got over,Baisakhi the festival of the Punjabis-so on the fields still lay,bundles of wheat crops cut and ready to be sent off.As night began to fall, we were still driving past the fields under the open sky,but only at night do you get to see things that happen behind the scenes!

Fire in the fields!Well, they believe that after one crop season is over it is important to burn the field....but then in return they kill all the insects surviving on the soil, the animals feeding on those insects go hungry and die...and the smoke in the air is of-course and potential threat to the environment!!"Huh!who long as I am alive!"
"So, as long as I am alive,I will do whatever!"They run their combines, huge threshing machines, after the night falls."Well, hello Mr. V.Smart Farmer Singh!Isn't it banned to run your machines once the sunsets???You can barely see anything,you can hit an electric pole and your fields can catch fire!""Huh!Who cares...As long as I am alive!I,I,I,I'm stayin' alive!"
Here we go again!
"Tiger Tiger burning bright,In the forests of the night;What immortal hand or eye.Could frame thy fearful symmetry?In what distant deeps or skies. Burnt the fires of thine eyes?"-(The Tiger, by William Blake).Such high rising flames, right behind a building-either a bungalow or a factory.GOD LAY MERCY!

The last bit of the journey was fires!It was only the Road, the trees and us!


jazzlamb said...

I love how all of your drawings bring out the impression that you feel so strongly about them. All of them. Its wonderful:)

TEESTA DAS said...

thank you!!:)

blast_from_the_past said...

really cual yaaa ur doin a great job on ur blog. keep it up.