Monday, October 12, 2009

SLR camera

Photography course just got over,and I am still in the midst of its final submission.However,this was something that I wanted to do for quite sometime.This course has gifted me some 300 pictures and lots of practice of finally shooting proper(not over or over exposed pictures) with manual SLR cameras.Yes! The course certainly did leave me nostalgic of all the times that I did try and use my father's SLR camera and had failed miserably.Too complicated I had always felt,but somewhere a certain joy overwhelmed me each time I used his cameras.Throughout the course,every click and crank reminded me of my father who was as passionate about photography and mountaineering.Every trek, every expedition,all there at home in boxes of slides,huge wooden tea-chests and closets.
This course is, dedicated to my father.I hope you like it.The pictures have been clicked in and around my campus in Ahmedabad.

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