Sunday, January 31, 2010


This is the outcome of someone stepping on my tablelamp plug and crushing it, and one lazy afternoon...
So yes!Someone stepped on my lamp's plug and rendered it useless, until it took a re-birth as the SAMURAI called ASHOKA! Some decided to call it Jap's husband.(She is a day older though.)
Both of them met, of course on my table lamp :)
It was born to serve a mission,to stop a war between a friend and myself...Ashoka has been sent to the other side as a peace diplomat:P
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Pratik Ghosh said...

"to stop a war".. hahahaha
ass!.. i guess it was successful.. in a way,.
"samurai called ASHOKA!!..".. hahahah ahah ah aha ah aha ha aha ha ha ah

blast_from_the_past said... the work....especially the background on jap....anyways....keep it comin!! ;)

Sargam Gupta said...

haha teesta I like this one :P It could be a series!

shreya said...

How Creative !!!!!!! I just loved your work Teesta....Keep up the good work....