Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sam's penny keeper

A friend of mine and I had started a brand name called "Re-fuse" during one of our open electives a year ago. The name goes by the technique that we used to re-use plastic that does not reach the recycling units in India, simply because of their weight. However being highly inexpensive, they are widely used by the shopkeepers. Hence saying "NO!" to plastics might be an easier intervention but sometimes not easy enough.
We proposed "Re-FUSE" for housewives and enthusiastic children who like to make things at home.The use of the thin plastics brought along after the vegetable,fruit or grocery purchases is what we targeted. For the course we had come up with a range of product ideas and DIY kits in order to spread awareness about the ways one can re-use and reduce consumption.
This penny saver, is just another one. It wasn't made during the course,but for my brother to keep his laundry change.They have those industrial laundry machines installed where he lives.He would often search all his jeans pockets for change, but then now he knows where to look for them. Well, it has its own advantages and disadvantages.
The disadvantage being that of not being able to really show it off...! But that too can be avoided if you make one yourself for yourself.
Neverthless, any suggestions on this one are most welcome.
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blast_from_the_past said...

Nightjar...this is really good! Am glad you got this up. The penny keeper works great for my lose change!