Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Design Opportunity in Roti(Food)

My idea was for the dry, hilly regions with lack of water but lots of sunshine!(some place like the village we visited for our Environmental Perception course.)
The concept was to first generate water by the simple method of precipitation.There is moisture in the lower layers of soil, but the only problem is that the water table is very low.Hence, by digging a deep pit, putting a plastic sheet on top and tapping the water,voila!We get what we want!.From here, water pumphouses will pull the water and supply it to the area.One of the supplies would be to a Steam Generating house(steam generated using solar reflectors),from where pipelines will again be connected to the houses around the area.These houses can cook food using steam, instead of being dependent on fossil fuels, or even LPG!~similar techinques could be adopted in citites, maybe on top of houses or apartments!

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blast_from_the_past said...

tubbbbs....this is pretty intense stuff...ur blog looks really good and has some great info in it. well done chum!! :)