Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mingo a.k.a. Aashram

Recently, on my way back from Ahmedabad, a senior of mine, who is from Chandigarh itself, asked me if i could carry his new pet kitty home.Since I was travelling by train, it would have been easier for me than for him( he was flying).Being an animal lover myself, I couldn't help but agree.
Well, the over-night journey to Delhi, on the train was quite amusing. We were three of us. My friend donated her precious pink t-shirt with blue hearts to wrap around the kitty and her Blue towel to cover the kitty's basket(God Bless her!).AH! the continuous mewing was rather difficult to deal with.Other passengers also began complaining soon...and the night was painful-awkward sleeping style, the "wannabe"sleeping moments.I eventually had to sit up all night, next to the toilet, with the kitty on my lap eating "rabari"(an indian sweet-we figured it was really fond of it!)
The way things turned out by the morning, I was quite sorry for my friend. She had decided to discard her t-shirt and even probably her towel, because of kitty fundaments on them!!:D
What can I say next, I guess one over-night journey is good enough for an animal-lover to get used to the animal.So,(i feel proud of this!) i was able to handle the kitty from then on!Could make it sleep, run play, eat, accouding to how i wanted...or rather, I synchronised myself with the kitty's biological timings!It was great fun.
My aunt and uncle aren't particularly animal lovers and are very conscious about what happens around the house.However, the task was manageable even there!
I was a little sad handing over the kitty at the Chandigarh station.I miss it...I decided to call it 'Mingo', derived from flamingo...because of the colour of its nose).The attendent on our Ahmedabad train had however named it 'Aashram', after the train itself...as a memory of the journey!
Quite an unforgettable journey.;)

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